A key component of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ is the open exchange of ideas, actions and real-life experiences. Outcome-based Diversity and Inclusion Solution. • We recognise a balance must be struck between the time taken to report against metrics, and the time dedicated to driving real change. Diversity Best Practices Follow @DBP_News and use #DBPMember to join the game-changing diversity and inclusion conversation! Diversity is an important topic for leading companies all over the world. You’ve probably heard these topics discussed in meetings, sought out a company that focuses on incorporating D&I initiatives into its culture, or spearheaded a program yourself. Metric: Customer diversity, inclusion, and loyalty. OCTOBER 16, 2017. Thou shalt use measures from each of the four families. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Analytics: The Basics. Business Leaders on Employee Diversity and Inclusion. The Culture Makers. If we couldn’t measure the impact of our diversity and inclusion efforts and programs, it would be a hard sell among company executives. Last year, Zevin and others introduced a similar shareholder proposal backed by Google employees that would tie diversity metrics to performance. The metrics will also provide a way to show if any HR diversity and inclusion initiatives are successful. Why Diversity & Inclusion . Yet progress in most sectors remains tepid. The D&I Index, launched in 2016, ranks the top 100 publicly traded companies globally with the most diverse and inclusive workplaces, as measured by 24 metrics across four key categories: Diversity, Inclusion, People Development and News Controversies. Old models of diversity and inclusion are undergoing change, and this trend is expected to accelerate. Diversity and inclusion initiatives are powerful drivers for the business, but only if they are aligned with the business. With Diversity and Inclusion in the spotlight, there is a growing focus on diversity metrics and diversity reports. Ten Commandments for Diversity & Inclusion Metrics. As companies continue to work on better their diversity and inclusion efforts, they're often turning to data as a means to drive improvement. The Diversity Dashboard is a project management software tool that helps diversity and inclusion professionals understand, publish and defend their work. by Staff | Nov 12, 2020 | Business, Coaching, Community, Diversity, Leadership | 0 comments. Diversity and inclusion, or D&I, have been hot topics in the business community over the past few years. REQUEST A DEMO. In addition, it will provide easy visualizations to help understand what the numbers are saying. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values. i4cp. The ethical concept of fairness has recently been applied in machine learning (ML) settings to describe a wide range of constraints and objectives. In the world of business, metrics hold a special place—and rightfully so. We formalize the family of diversity and inclusion metrics within this task. Thou shalt collaborate with business units and functions to determine how D&I will impact their business strategies, and set goals and measures accordingly. Signatory Login. Our current socio-political climate has shined a glaring light on the necessity for large scale change across organizations of any size when it comes to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Hopefully, you have an HR dashboard that easily calculates the metrics for you. i4cp. Fortunately, there are a couple of metrics that can help you measure the effectiveness of your leadership practices. 02/09/2020 ∙ by Margaret Mitchell, et al. Climate Metrics. Fast forward. Our software platform tracks activities, collects the information in databases and facilitates data driven decision making and reporting on the ROI of the diversity … However, people of color continue enduring subtle (or not-so-subtle) racism at work. September 23, 2020 by Heather Barbour in Diversity and Inclusion. The Centre for Global Inclusion is a nonprofit organization and home of the free Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations around the world (GDIB). diversity and inclusion metrics can be integrated into other business practices (Diversity Best Practices 2009). Thou shalt not limit thyself to workforce demographics. Metrics in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion: From Tactical Metrics to Business Driver March 26, 2020 Ellen Bailey 3 min read Diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives have become commonplace within today’s organizations, and with good reason; there’s a business incentive to move the needle on inclusion. Many organizations have claimed that diversity and inclusion efforts have been a top priority for years. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: UPDATED METRICS AND KPIS OBJECTIVE • Metrics assist in measuring progress and driving accountability, both within firms and in-house teams. Top Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Trends and Best Practices for 2020 and Beyond -- from going beyond the Business Case to discussing the … OCTOBER 16, 2017. Seven Steps to Meaningful Diversity and Inclusion Metrics. In the wake of major social and political changes over the past decades, leading companies are taking steps to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion.