Muir Glen is a brand known for selling high quality canned tomatoes. Cento Tomato Sauce: Tastes like tomato soup; no one's so busy that they can't find a better sauce on the shelf. If you’re a garlic fanatic, feel free to use more of it. In 1967, the name was changed to Trader Joe's and the stores got bigger. 398 mL . Worldwide consumption of pasta increased for the second straight year in 2017, with the U.S. leading the pasta market - 2.7 million tons consumed last year. The spaghetti sauce needs to be pressure canned to keep it fresh for years at a time. Fra Diavolo: Crushed red pepper brings the spice. Price. Gia Russa, founded in 1948, is "the maker of the world's most sought after pasta sauces and Italian specialties,'' according to the company. There were more recommendations for Rao's than any other sauce when I announced this mission on Twitter. What the label says: "Inspired by Nonna's legendary Italian recipe'' (Marinara); "Lovingly made in small batches for delectable flavors'' (Basil Fresh Tomatoes). Tastes like puree, and a substandard one at that. The company makes pasta and pizza sauces, plus olive oil. Tomato Basil: It's not easy to be harsh and bland at the same time, but this one manages to pull it off. But here, we've taken a jar of sauce in new directions in the pursuit of quick and easy weeknight meals. A winner. The first time you look at the nutritional information on something so simple as a store-bought jar or tin of spaghetti sauce is a real eye opener. '', What the label says: "All Natural. What the label says: "We're proud to bring you our line of fine Italian foods, including our signature marinara.''. Alla vodka: One of the better vodka sauces in this sampling; pleasing, balanced. 99 ($0.24/Ounce) FREE Shipping. Maybe they left out the vodka? Tastes like it was made in an Easy-Bake pasta oven, if such a thing existed. made for us in Sicily using naturally sun-sweetened tomatoes'' (Marinara Garlic Organic); "Pasta arrabbiata is the classic Southern Italian dish for passionate hotheads'' (Arrabbiata Chili Organic). What the label says: "Handcrafted in Sonoma, Ca.''. It actually makes a great base sauce for pizza and Barilla offers many variations of the sauce. The first Pastosa Ravioli store opened in 1966 in Brooklyn. I'd rather use real gravy - the kind you put on your mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Test Kitchen-Preferred Spaghetti Sauce. Marinara Sauce: Thick, garlicky, a bit peppery, overall a quality sauce. Wholesome Pantry Italian Herb: For some reason, it reminded me of a Christmas tree, with its piney scent. Classico Riserva Marinara: Thick, hearty, fresh, tomatoey. We even offer marinara sauce, spaghetti sauce, and more so you can prepare any dish quickly and easily. It’s been around since 1896 when Frank Pellegrino Senior decided to take his delicious restaurant sauce and bottle it up to sell to the public. Food & Dining sampled 12 store-bought sauces as part of our monthlong "Craving: Italian” series. Thinnish; flavor seems more wholesome than robust. Your email address will not be published. . Puttanesca: I really wanted to like this especially after that buildup on the label, but those "juicy'' tomatoes tasted flat. '', What the label says: "Made from the finest and freshest Italian tomatoes.''. Marinara: OK; could use herbs, spices, something. 425 mL . Real Farmers. Tastes like it was made in someone's kitchen. Barilla is one of the most popular grocery store brands in Italy and what many Italians choose due to the affordability. He and Joe Bastianich would open Babbo in NYC, and the two now run restaurants stretching from New York to Singapore. Marinara: A middling marinara; their Hot Sicilian is so much better. $42.99 $ 42. Cento's roots can be traced to Alfred Ciccotelli, who began selling imported Italian foods in the 1950s. I wrote "eek'' in my notebook, and I meant it. Use only in case of national emergency. Primavera: If you like an uber-oniony sauce, this is for you. This robust sauce is loaded with the good stuff. That store-bought stuff has large amounts of salt and sugar added, with brands labelled “organic” and “healthy” often the worst offenders. ), What the label says: "Discerning Italian cooks know the only way to consistently make the most delicious sauce is to start with premium quality Tuttorosso tomato products'' (Tomato Basil); "Authentic, slow-simmered flavor without the wait'' (Marinara). Some of the best store-bought spaghetti sauce brands include Prego and Barilla, but there are a few others worth the purchase if you’re interested in creating a tasty pasta with tomatoes that haven’t been pulverized and dried. Price. The Original Jersey Italian Gravy: Maybe the sweetest sauce of all those sampled (onions, cane sugar). Many add in salt, pepper, onions, garlic and any preferred spices. Medium: This is one weird-tasting sauce - sweet, oniony, puree-like. The company offers 1,000+ specialty products through its various brands. You really will impress your guests if you make your own. Distinctive, anyway. Containing just 60 calories per serving, Hunt’s Traditional Pasta Sauce lets you enjoy a warm, hearty meal. We love using prepared spaghetti sauce or pasta sauce in lasagna recipes, ziti recipes, manicotti, and simple spaghetti dinners. What the label says: "The most glorious sauce in the ever-lovin' universe'' (Marinara).