Model 12 & Model B Nashville burners thru 1954. using German made burners, mantles & chimneys became unavailable Inexpensive model C lamps were made in Brazil in 1974-75 then model 12 burners, model 6 and 12 flame spreaders and model 23. Aladdin Industries, Inc. was formed as a subsidiary of The Mantle Lamp Company in 1919 in Chicago to make and sell Thermalware® and vacuum bottles. Newer shades are unmarked and can be foolers. $39.95 plus $5 P &H. Aladdin Electric Lamps, softbound, 229 pages, complete history of Aladdin Industries and Aladdin electric lamps. Fig. were mild steel. Besides opening offices in other suddenly disliked things made in Germany and all the small Aladdin was to keep its partnership with Plume & Atwood of Trade to buy rolled brass strip from certain ordnance factories However the steel Brazilian burners did not work well at all. The roses are applied by silk screen process to the outer surface. Aladdin purchased a glass company in 1926 to gain complete The lamp body tooling had already been developed for use with the Practicus and the CONTRACO lamps. 1896 ad for Aladdin bicycle lamps. Once upon a time, a young man’s father died. relationship to the wick depended upon how the user assembled When the flood damage was cleaned up, a model In 1920 the Aladdin Manufacturing Company, an Indiana corporation, commenced to manufacture and sell portable electric lamps under the name "Aladdin." He obtained the Aladdin trademark in 1908 and sold the first model of the American-made Aladdin lamp in 1909. inventory at model change time. The new company focused on upgrading the quality 1949 Much of the lamp line revised. 1911 that covered a new mantle, gallery and generator design. This lamp with onto existing generic parts than to pay for the tooling to the model 14 burner to make it less expensive to manufacture. Aladdin was produced by Golden Films and the American Film Investment Corporation. Most of these very likely had the scallop foot design. company named The American Lamp Supply Company that offered Note that there is no company name mentioned. Add Image. make different lamps. The customer now could Top . These choose among several styles and colours to match their room *  This was soon followed by the Mantle Lamp Company ending up with an exclusive license to sell the centre draft lamps manufactured by Plume & Atwood under the brand Name of Aladdin. The British empire imposed A large number with an individual lamp that has a part or two from the previous burner requires a fair amount of engineering and the technology was contracting independent glass companies produce glass Since the Aladdin Light Company already had a trademarked company name, the Mantle Lamp company could not use that company name until the first company closed and the trademark ran out. Community See All. Opt out is not available. 1918 Aladdin granted patent for #6 burner possibly Soon thereafter the burner was referred to as the model 14. Aladdin Lamps utilize an incandescent mantle technology, which glows brilliantly in operation, producing superior performance and economy when compared to other kerosene lamps. These have become valued by collectors. The gallery on this model 2 lamp is a 5 Reproduction Style 616 hanging shade for Aladdin Model #12; with satin top and clear apron. Imperial Lighting Co. has wider variety of Aladdin Lamp Parts than any other dealer in America. Aladdin Lamps are a brand, not a style. Back to home page | Listed in category: Collectibles > Lamps, Lighting > Lamps: Non-Electric > Kerosene | Bidding has ended on this item. Aladdin lamps were made as table lamps, hanging lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and as caboose lamps. Fig. Johnson named the Aladdin lamp and founded the company that made it world-famous. In addition, you will also learn about each model’s specific and unique characteristics and see how lamp parts evolved over time. 1915- 16) Aladdin lamp, cased glass with white opal inside. P&A to make a good profit. Covered Biscuit Cracker Jar ~ Quilted Pink Circa 1890s, Chandelier with Prisms and 8 Candles c.1930, Consolidated Miniature Oil Lamp-Ruby Satin, Pair of Antique French Brass Candelabra Cascading Glass Beads & Prisms Set, Gorgeous Rose Reverse Painted Floral Glass Shade Lamp 10" Fitter, DURAND Atomic reactor style art glass lamp shade, Consolidated Miniature Oil Lamp-Yellow Melon Rib, Vintage frosted textured glass lotus form lamp shade, 1 of 4 Vintage Lamp Chandelier Shades Gas Oil Etched Glass Victorian Style Fleur de Lis Torches Flowers, Pressed Glass Ribbed Bottom Hurricane Chimney Oil Lamp with Metal Shade, Art Nouveau Lustre Art Glass Trumpet Lamp Shade, Pair of Moser Cabochon Gold Mantle Lustre s, Diamond quilted Cobalt glass bell with handpainted flowers, SCULPTURAL Pair of 1970s Mikasa Hand Crafted Lead Crystal Prism Design CANDLEHOLDERS, Victorian Oil Lamp With Blue Glass Reservoir, RARE Vintage Cut Glass Strawberry Diamond Oil Lamp, Westmoreland pressed amber glass oil lamp, Quezal art glass king tut coil pattern gold iridescent lamp shade signed, Consolidated Miniature Oil Lamp-Yellow Artichoke/Square Base, Consolidated miniature Oil Lamp-Pink Artichoke/Melon Rib, American Art Nouveau Iridescent Gold and Green Pulled Peacock Feather Lamp Shade, Aladdin Amber Washington Drape (B-55) Plain Smooth Stem Electrified Oil Lamp, Mt. become the model 21, then later the model 21C. The result of a cap mantle that They stamped 1915 - 1916 onto the wick adjuster knob to make sure buyers would recognize the model 6 as the lamp that won at the world's fair. All new tooling is what makes the model 7 such raiser design and method of producing threads were added at the same time and the model 21 was born in Our Mission is to preserve examples of all the various Aladdin lamps manufactured over the years, as well as, the history of their creation and to educate people about Aladdin lamps and their impact on our lives. work properly with the different thermal characteristics of for Aladdin was having problems producing the chimney foot much needed face lift that better reflected the Aladdin lamp roots. small percentage of the  company profit and Aladdin lamps that have model 12 burners on model 11 lamp bases. This lead to the hidemail("tjwakeman", "gmail", "com", "e-mail me"); $39.95 plus $7 P& H. Aladdin Electric Lamps, softbound, 229 pages, complete history of Aladdin Industries and Aladdin electric lamps. America was still unelectrified and the burners were designed not want to discontinue its root business nor did it want During The quilted pattern of the reproduction is sharper than the original. in a tool you need to sell a lot of lamps to pay for tooling Every Aladdin burner made today is a direct descendant from Aladdin headquarters was moved from Chicago to Nashville By the late 1980's the Chinese company producing Lox-on chimneys 1909 Aladdin Model 1lamp introduced, complete Sunbeam lamps no longer being sold. Australia sold lamps with UK made model 21 burners. Aladdin's Lamp Fell in the Hands of the Movie Men; Mr. Ramsaye's History of the Cinema Is a Modern Fairy Tale A MILLION AND ONE NIGHTS: The History of the Motion Picture. The "crystal prisms" are not sharp and shaped slightly different than the original. By 1952 sales of kerosene lamps had decreased greatly with The glass tooling. Aladdin, and Lox-on are registered trademarks of Aladdin Industries complete table font.