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Magic attacks' spell damage is not as strong as that from staves, but attacks that damage an area will affect a larger area, such as Magic Wall and Magic Storm. VIT increases your HP and Defense. Now I’ll tell you some stat builds according to main weapons that you can make use of. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest updates on Toram Online. For example, while creating your character if you have chosen sword as your weapon, you can use blade skills as well as magic skills on it. There is a total of six different classes for players to choose, each of them coming with different skills and abilities. Storm is Magic skill so higher MATK mean batter demage. 1 Weapons. Here are some way to get Magic Device. Coryn Club - Toram Online Database is ©Cruithne. Brutal Dragon Crown [Additional] [Monster Drop] Base DEF 12, Fire resistance -1%, Attack MP Recovery 3, Weapon ATK 5 [Monster Drop] Base DEF 12, Megiston Road Event (2016-2017) Limited Item Weapon ATK + 7 Attack MP Recovery + 4 Fire Resistance - 3% There are 6 stats into the total. As you level up you receive stat points and skill points which you can use for leveling up stats and skills. Nicoteen. The increase in stats also depends on the main weapon so the ones I have mentioned in the basics. Go for staff if you prefer fighting at the backlines or prefer farming mats like Nightmare crystals, or wood metal cloth mana and medicine points. Their skills take the most time to use before firing, which can be decreased by adding points to DEX. Credits. Magic Devices look like backpacks that equip on a character that grows wings and grants flight when fighting an enemy. In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Toram Online tips and cheats to help you build a powerful character, and level up as much as possible! Toram Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. As the player ventures further into the game more weapons become available to them. 0. At level 30, 1h sword users can unlock a library skill tree Dual Sword Skills, allowing the player to equip another 1h sword as their subweapon and drastically altering their stats. INT increases your magic attack strength. A stack of Minotaur Skins sells for 150,000 spinas or more on Consignment Board. Personal Stat is a stat you can select when you reach level 40. D&D Beyond If for some reason Minotaur Skins aren’t sold, you can submit them to Lefina in Sofya City for quest named ‘Proof Of Courage’. Bow? 621 likes. That will give you Anti-Degradation which can be sold for 500,000 spins or more per stack on Consignment Board. STR (Strength), INT (Intelligence), VIT (Vitality), AGI (Agility), DEX (Dexterity) and Personal Stat. (It is also worth noting that Power Shot is much faster with a bowgun equipped.) Certain weapons can only be equipped as subweapons only. STR increases your physical attack strength. What Effects on Secondary Weapons Function? (if you’re going to make a blacksmith i recommend not adding much tech because it lowers weapon & armour potential (Pot) Using customise equipment we can exchange (Pot) for stats! Shooting animation of bow is also faster than bowgun, that combined with high stability and range advantage makes auto-attack very reliable to regain MP and do decent damage at the same time. (Note that finishing sidequests is the fastest way to level up without spending money.). The sword on each hand becomes influenced by DEX and AGI respectively, attack speed is drastically increased and new skills can be unlocked in conjunction with their old Blade Skills. If you are new to Toram online then you can follow this guide till level 50 and a little above. STR increases your physical attack strength. DEX increases physical attack and cast speed a little. One Piece Chapter 955 official release date, spoilers, One Piece Manga 955: The Grave of Roronoa Zoro, Speed Grapher: Don’t Miss This Action-Packed Anime, Discover the Longest Running TV Show Here, A Look at the 5 Most Popular South Park Characters, A Look Back at the Cartoon Classic the Bionic Six, 3 Reasons to Watch the Old Anime Series Yu Yu Hakusho, A Closer Look at the Seven Deadly Sins Characters, Discover Haikyu!! Accuracy and speed are increased by DEX. Other weapons can be discovered later on in the game. 88. Guide Equipment Toram Online hack. Today, our … Since the weapon's accuracy rate is low,you need to assist with equipment.'' Reputation. (This flight is not very far from the ground and does not affect gameplay.). Hello everyone and welcome back to our channel!! Halberd users can only equip daggers as their subweapon. Toram Online is ©Asobimo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Production 1.2 (2.) Bow is the weapon with the longest attack range available in-game, so bow user can attack from outside of some of the largest AOE attack. Member since Jun 2017 . The first thing to be careful about in this game is not to waste your stat and skill points. AGI increases your attack speed. By. Please help us write this section! Halberd? You can easily reach level 120 by completing the main quest. (Magic) Staff? If your main weapon is Knuckles, put maximum points in AGI (Agility) and remaining in DEX (Dexterity). Your main weapon is Halberd, put maximum stat points in STR (Strength) and remaining points in AGI (Agility). As I said before, not to waste your stat and skill points. Help. Def are not constant as they can be different every time you got it. It increase 4 MATK/1 INT. Similarly while leveling up skills, only level up the skills you need and don’t waste points. MTL increases resistance against status ailments. As with class, I would say that Katana is more meta now since it's one of the newest weapons and has the highest damage output. Toram Online is ©Asobimo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. To help new players that confused or have a problems to theyre build level and spina farming Leveling Guide Spina Guide Build Guide If Sword is your main weapon, get maximum stat points in STR (Strength) and the remaining points in DEX (Dexterity). DEX increases their attack speed, attack and accuracy. As you level up you receive stat points and skill points which you can use for leveling up stats and skills. As listed above with 1-Handed Sword users, Staff users can be equipped with either dagger for offense or with shields that increase defense at the cost of speed.
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