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australia. 4. Lady Palm (Rhapis spp.) It is excellent indoors as it is tolerant of air-conditioning and low light. The bamboo-like stems grow from a slender trunk which is covered in soft, dark fibres. Highly Variegated. Good for pots, borders and screens. A fantastic indoor pot plant. Our feature plant for this month is the fabulous Rhapis excelsa or ‘Lady Palm’. 2274 Moggill Rd, Kenmore QLD. Rhapis palm lady finger palm is 600mm high( from the ground) in 140 mm pot. Plant is an offset and has established roots. Rhapis excelsa prefers a moist well-drained soil in a sheltered temperate location but will adapt to a wide range of climates, soils, and environments making for a very versatile specimen. In the case of gardening, there will be instances when you must move your palms in the ground. Great palm for indoors or on a verandah; Rhapis excelsa is the most well-known and widely cultivated species, easily adapting to most interiors, and used in both tropical and subtropical landscapes throughout the world. Instagram. We’re featuring this palm as these are by far the best buy in advanced Rhapis palms that we have ever seen, they were 4 or 5 times this price 25 years ago. Lady Palms (Rhapis species): These multi-stemmed fan palms are quite adaptable and easy to grow, if given excellent care and good-quality water. 0488 000 525. Lady Palm Care Indoors. Reaching a maximum height of around 4m, this south Asian native prefers partial shade. We pride ourselves on selling well established, sun hardened palm trees direct to the public, at Wholesale and retail palms, delivered to your door across the East Coast of Australia. Rhapis Lady Palm is ideal indoors, in conservatories, outdoors in … Rhapis Palm. Our ABN is 66475204026. Common Name: Lady Palm. Rhapis palms are a hardy palm that will grow well indoors and is a favourite for indoor landscape work. Rhapis Palm Plant Care Other Care Tips. (Rhapis excelsa) A slow-growing, clumping palm with stems that develop a bamboo-like pattern. Rhapis excelsa "Large Lady Palm" and "Miniature Lady Palms" Rhapis excelsa is the most well-known and widely cultivated species, easily adapting to most interiors and tropical or subtropical landscapes throughout the world. 0488 010 656. Place your lady palm plant near an east-facing window, out of direct sunlight. Our favourites include Kentia, Rhapis and Parlour Palms. Rhapis Palm (Rhapis excelsa) A very attractive slow growing multi-stemmed palm with large fan shaped leaves. The Lady palm (Rhapis excelsa) is a true lady, with its dark, glossy green stems looking gorgeous on the verandah or under trees in a sheltered spot in the garden. Botanic Name: Rhapis excelsa. Temperatures between 60° and 80°F are best to keep your Rhapis palm doing its best. In tropical and subtropical climates it can be grown in sheltered positions in the garden. 0447 792 994. Plant details. Views: 250, Replies: 5 » Jump to the end. Suitable for bright and low-light conditions, making a perfect indoor palm, growing up to 3m tall. Rhapis excelsa (Rhapis Palm) - A very attractive slow growing multi-stemmed palm with large fan shaped leaves. Rhapis excelsa is a great clumping palm. "Rhapis multifida is probably the most beautiful of all the commonly grown Rhapis palms and is somewhat of a miniaturized version of Rhapis humilis with numerous very slender, delicate pointed leaflets making up each leaf. Variegated Rhapis Palm Darumanoshima. Rhapis excelsa is a multi-stemmed dioecious (Ed: or hermaphroditic depending on seed grown variety) palm that grows to a maximum height of between 3 and 4 metres, each stem or cane is slender ranging from 10-30mm in diameter, depending on growing conditions and variety. Youtube Also known as 'slender lady palm', 'bamboo palm', 'fan palm', finger palm', and 'parlor palm', 'Lady Palm' is the most recognized. A fantastic indoor pot plant. It is a shorter palm, normally only about 4 or 5 feet tall. A Rhapis Palm is quite pricey but well worth it when you consider that it is a slow grower, has a long life span, demands little in the way of care, and is a beautiful addition to any decor. The fronds are split into fan-like segments, as might be used by ladies in olden times. Rhapis Palm (rhapis excelsa) Also widely known as the Lady Palm, this long-lived and slow-growing variety of palm is perfect for indoor living. It easily gets to sixteen feet. Hi All, I must confess that out of all the plants I have ,rhapis or lady palm has given me the most headache. Also known as rhapis excelsa, these palms first came to prominence as a feature in Japanese palaces, only then spreading through to Europe and America in the 1770s and 1850s, respectively. The lady palm (Rhapis excelsa) is a small fan palm that can do exceedingly well indoors under the right conditions.It grows from multiple stems, each topped with upright fronds. Cocos Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana) Cocos Palms are one of the best adapted palms for Adelaide. Lady palms come from China and are some of the easiest palms to grow. one of the many 'Bamboo Palms' of the genus Chamaedorea; Guihaia argyrata, or 'Dwarf Bamboo Palm'; Rhapis excelsa growing right above a Guihaia in my garden showing how they look similar. 300 Oxley Drive, Coombabah QLD 4216. Light A Rhapis Palm grows best in bright indirect light Very few houseplants should be placed in direct sun. Gardening Australia podcasts. Keep outdoor plants well-sheltered as … Below I will compare it in many ways to the much more familiar and seen Rhapis excelsa, The Lady Palm. Graceful, elegant and incredibly attractive. It has a multitude of named varieties in green and variegated forms. Established in 1985, we are a wholesale production nursery situated in Kin Kin, a small village which is nestled in the the Noosa Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Height: 3–4m Welcome to Palms Online, our online palm nursery with various varieties of palm trees for sale. The term ‘The Palm Place Nursery and Tree Farm’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is 685 Mickleham Road , GREENVALE, VIC, 3059, AU. Seller: kccobra (203) 100%, Location: Southport, QLD, Ships to: AU, Item: 114559374881 Variegated Rhapis Palm Darumanoshima Highly Variegated . Plants Dracaena Song of India. Lady palm. The Rhapis Palm will cope well with low light situations with both variegated and green foliage varieties being available. This exceptional palm is used worldwide and delivers elegance, beauty, and versatility to any interior setting. Description: This is a multi-stemmed dwarf fan palm from southern China. In tropical and subtropical climates it can be grown in sheltered positions in the garden. There are two sorts of Rhapis palms suitable for indoor living. The canes are usually covered by a coarse matted fibrous material which is actually the outer base of each leaf sheath.
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