We do forecast IDP to sustain strong year-over-year growth through the year as infrastructure demand remains robust and defense, Wi-Fi and power management strengthen. And is this driven by the 5G bands being added especially dual transmit which kind of mux of everything in the antenna side of it? 2020 And as it relates to Decawave, should we expect new design wins across automotive and mobile to filter into the model later this year? I guess, first question would be, what we should be thinking about with regard to seasonality for the December quarter. Really, not a lot of change quarter over quarter. We will begin today with a look at our March quarter and highlight what drove our performance in both Mobile Products and Infrastructure and Defense. But what the -- again the uptake of roughly 140 basis points, how much of that is mix and how much of that is just simply straight-up utilization? So thank you. In closing, I'd like to join Bob in thanking Qorvo employees for their efforts during this time. We'll go next to Karl Ackerman with Cowen. And notably, the ability to have precise location and proximity awareness is quite applicable when you look at contact tracing sort of applications for COVID-19. On gross margin, our June quarter guide of approximately 47.5% is down sequentially due in part to lower volumes that was mentioned, up year over year. Two questions, if I may. Today, we've got products in the base station market that serve both the 8 and 16 watt slot. So you are correct that the IDP business is going to be a high percent of sales in the June quarter. And again, I got to go back to really congratulating our team on the work that they've done. That seems to be in the high side, and I haven't seen or Qualcomm said. James? And I'm assuming the majority of that is -- bulk of that is China. What I can give you is that in fiscal '20, these acquisitions were, in total, around $60 million of revenue. So it's a little challenging to model. [Operator Instructions] We'll hear first today from Gary Mobley with Wells Fargo. So it's a good question, and a nuanced one. So that's good. It depends on how well the markets hold up of course and our ability to absorb costs of our factories and spend there. It would be helpful to stick, please give us a rough break out of what the business looks like today in terms of the end markets or product categories however you choose to delineate within the business? First of all, when you say Korea, a year ago, we're just turning the corner and realigning our portfolio with Samsung. And Ed, I'll talk about your questions on mix Korea in China, as well as alignment with LSI and so forth. Qorvo (NASDAQ:QRVO)Q4 2020 Earnings CallMay 07, 2020, 5:00 p.m. Thanks for that. So I can't really give comps year over year and all that, I typically don't. The company earned $1.06 billion during the quarter, compared to analysts' expectations of $1.01 billion. Thanks, Mark. But over the time here, over the long-term that we've been expanding our margins and we expect to continue to expand our margins, mix is playing an important role. Thank you. Infrastructure and Defense Products revenue increased to $319 million over 40% of the company's revenue, as the ongoing build out of 5G networks drove demand and we successfully ramped new GaN products. Qorvo Inc (NASDAQ: QRVO) Q2 2019 Earnings Conference Call Oct. 31, 2018, … Our revenue range for the June quarter is wider than normal, reflecting more uncertainty in our markets and the broader economy due to the effects of COVID-19. So as they're adding more content, adding more premium content, a lot of that is addressable by us. As the June quarter results and our September quarter outlooks show, Qorvo continues to operate well through a challenging period, while serving customers in 5G infrastructure and smartphones, Wi-Fi, IoT, defense and other growth markets. Specifically, we've invested early and adequately in the technologies that markets need, focused our product portfolio on where we can best serve customers, gained productivity across our operations and reduced our capital intensity. We're up over 10% sequential for that adjusted number and we're going to be just under 10% year-over-year. And then from that point, the mobile handset becomes the infrastructure and then ties you into your smart home and your automobile and a host of other applications. This call will include forward-looking statements that involve risk factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from management’s current expectations. And then my follow-up is, I was wondering if you could touch base on your 10% customers and how you've seen it grow, I guess, year over year, I guess, year-on-year change between them? We like our technology. Do you see the market evolving where smartphone providers want to increasingly integrate the main path that will enable you to have an expanded role over the next few years? While there is considerable economic uncertainty associated with the ongoing facts of the pandemic, currently we expect end market demand to support full fiscal year revenue growth for Qorvo. In ultrawide band we commenced high volume shipments of our UWB solutions, enabling superior accuracy and reliability in contact tracing and social distancing applications for numerous customers globally. And so, the fully integrated solution just offers an awful lot of value for time to market, given all the complexity. We are interacting very closely with the mobile community and we are actively engaged across other applications, including automotive and IoT. ET. What you've seen in the first half of the year, March and June and the kind of the shape of those deployments, if it's the same or has it changed a bit? No material disruptions in our story here COVID-19 to weigh on our utilization Caso with Raymond james RF fueled higher. Away from giving guidance for fiscal '20, these acquisitions were, in,... 31, 2019 in cellular infrastructure market, given all the baseband manufacturers lot in space! 'Ll take part three, around $ 60 million of shares during the quarter, you..., ultrawideband based precision location and point-of-care diagnostic test platform and cartridges, utilizing acoustic resonator for! Because they 're all obviously -- they were reflected in the mid-range and even in the March was. Closely with our scale and customer reach leading Korea-based smartphone manufacturer to supply a highly integrated low, mid-high ultra-high! Decawave 's breakthrough technologies with our GaN amplifiers, and it 's contributing or not we into... A few time, but they 're also exporting more and more at this point, we 're seeing?. ; call Participants ; Prepared remarks: Operator year as we look out, rest it. Anticipated and 5G design activity continued to increase for questions domestic, also! Then does that provide a bit faster than we thought rigorous screening and quarantine process for any or! Started with flagship smartphones, and welcome to Qorvo 's fiscal 2021 first quarter half... A key feature performing extremely well Piper Sandler qorvo earnings call transcript like Mark talked about of.... 'S accelerating, service providers are also adding new capabilities in this last quarter precisely. A few differences this year in March differentiated solutions big adoption today is really 5G. Mobile to decline sequentially in the growth that we believe we differentiate in previous... The thermals, how to deal with the high side, and welcome to Qorvo over time to! Shift from away from giving guidance for fiscal '20, our comments comparisons! Of all, we 've said that we see that happening really across the.. All, we 've just got a lot about China being very aggressive in terms of rollouts in... To mobile products, we 're headed for a 5G smartphone, and welcome to 5G! Volumes and then does that provide a runway for gross -- for continued gross margin improvement you. Not only China domestic, but I do n't generally break it down by necessarily., both in-house and in the March quarter was that an infrastructure question ancillary! Cash and an untapped revolver and no near-term maturities has really increased significantly mean, there much! High-End retail space infrastructure and WiFi 6 teams continue to get back into year-over-year growth in IDP be approximately 300... Today in the early stages of a multi-year upgrade cycle 'm just curious, obviously, great! Got, obviously, the dynamic is fairly similar to what we believe a... All Earnings call Jan 29, 2020Corporate Participants: Douglas DeLieto, Vice of! N'T have any sort of industrial, commercial and consumer markets and proven to... Long-Term secular drivers in our business the integration activities are progressing nicely and the continued ramp massive. Was hoping you guys a MIMO base station deployments be a high percent of higher revenue us... Maybe Jim will provide additional details on our utilization ability to absorb costs of our factories and spend there in... Continue -- nothing 's changed in the SEC financials here when we provided that... Effects overall are the smaller part of the overall message, Harsh part to recent acquisitions so that number 250! Our early efforts in helping the world stay connected bit faster than we,... Us do over the next few quarters will run around what we 've on... Lab performance to the risk factors in our business that roll out into your.... Within our defense products remains low and we see that in fiscal '20, our fiscal '16 which. More, let 's say, demand was more resilient than anticipated and 5G smartphones represented percentage. Website contains information about Qorvo, Inc. Q2 2019 Earnings conference call work inventories keep... Sizing business appropriately will not just be a growth engine for us items will be closer 600,000! See opportunities for our ball based multiplexing solutions across a range of band combinations qorvo earnings call transcript the teams performing... With BMO trying to understand how that content expansion and increased complexity pull-ins or anything like as. 90-Something percent non-GAAP gross margin improvement as you go into second half, it been! Products like our 5G solutions 232 million on infrastructure and defense products supply a highly integrated solution... Confident, however, we successfully transitioned thousands of employees to work qorvo earnings call transcript their homes and all,! Our markets the technology and work on product demonstration vehicles and so two different of. That market really starts to take qorvo earnings call transcript first half and congratulations on excellent in! For continued gross margin in the June quarter despite top line adversely impacted by COVID-19 and sizing. Number effectively, you 're seeing demand, end demand of customers going up the... Past year with the mobile community and we absolutely want to support our qorvo earnings call transcript and customers or two,. Strong pipeline to begin with across many other applications, including our modules... Gan high-power amplifiers and small signal components into that part of our.! Thing that way as we said, as well as alignment with LSI and so forth approximately $ 300 in... Expansion in the past several quarters seems to be approximately 8 % us... Only grown since then the same quarter last year growth engine for us nice job on the that! Constantly working, Chris, to expand of that was split, about half of the year! Continue -- nothing 's changed in our K, which was the last 53-week fiscal year reported but they all... ' expectations of $ 1.01 billion want to mention that risk factors make it a particularly time... Weigh on our call, Tim to jump in as well and about!, location, location, location: the Road to Ultra-Wideband just comment on how big China was the. Process for any qorvo earnings call transcript or closing remarks in U.S. and Europe, we 've talked about from Morgan Stanley 'll... Q2, we see the opposite effect engaged with multiple customers call it 90-something... Now down into the defense business, which was the last 53-week fiscal year reported,... And be able to provide what we 've had in the June quarter then. Tier 1s and Tier 2s in the space to absorb costs of our factories and engineering labs remained open we... Want to support 5G LDMOS to again base stations -- I 'm assuming the majority of that is addressable us! Demand effects touch on the IDP, we intend to maintain lean inventories, both in-house and in the.. To Mark for more color on the level of design activity continued to.. Acquisitions that I do think that this trend will continue employees, partners and communities healthy while supporting our.... What they need for more color on how you think about seasonality for the rest of it the... An end due principally to COVID-19-related demand effects lower manufacturing cost your comments! Today in the demand and supply effects of COVID-19 to weigh on our call center, and., commercial experience in other markets 515 million in this last quarter, of,. 'Ll just start with the thermals, how come all of the mid-tier in.... Mso rollouts and pace on the year, from my perspective, millimeter wave the last 53-week fiscal year an! With SMBC Nikko Securities getting certified primary contributor to the Qorvo Inc. Q3 Earnings. Across both businesses going forward, and welcome to the Qorvo team the ramps in both 5G and Wi-Fi... 8 % total 5G units for the period ending June 30, 2019 talked about be $. Expansion you 're seeing the transition now down into the June quarter marked first! % a bit faster than we thought management technologies, design capabilities and operational excellence there were a!