Kearney/Ray October 2016 Quiz

Classic Quiz

By Mark Kearney and Randy Ray

Mark Kearney of London, Ont. and Randy Ray of Ottawa are the authors of nine books about Canada, with best-seller sales of more than 50,000. Their Web site is:

Big Book of Canadian Trivia cover


1. In the summer of 1973, I fell from the heavens at Cedoux, Sask., setting a record that has yet to be beaten.  Unscramble the word below to figure out what I am.

2. July 1 was renamed Canada Day on Oct. 27, 1982.  What was its name prior to that date?
  a) Heritage Day b) Dominion Day c) Unity Day d) Macdonald Day

3. Strawberries, a tasty summer treat grown on farms across Canada, are
  a member of  the rose family.  True or false?


1.     Hailstone. The largest hailstone ever documented in Canada fell at Cedoux. It weighed 290 grams and measured 114 millimetres across.
2.     b) The July 1 holiday was established by statute in 1879, under the name Dominion Day.
3.  True.

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