Trump and Clinton

Out of the slime of Democratic muck

Hillary Clinton raises the flag of war

Character assassination is Washington's stock in trade

Emails reveal she wants to surround China wth missiles

By Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

Hillary Clinton is the Queen of Smut. Her eager handmaiden is Michelle Obama. In order to distract voters from her disastrous, deadly, role as U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary has attempted to hide behind a smoke screen of Donald Trump's rude and crude behaviour.

Michelle says she's shaken to the core by Donald Trump's words. It follows then, by her calm and silence, that she was cool when Hillary carpet-bombed Libya or when her oh-so-decent husband orders drone missiles that kill far more innocent children, women, and men, than enemy targets.

As secretary of state Hillary betrayed a UN mandate for a no-fly zone over Libya by turning it into carpet bombing thereby destroying an economically viable state led by Muammar Gaddafi in which women could go to university free and, on graduation, with proven academic qualifications, get a government scholarship to further their studies in a country of their choice. Newlyweds were given a new car, a $50,000 grant, and a place of residence.

Now, never mind going to school, Libyan women are afraid to go out doors for fear of being raped and murdered.

Hillary Clinton has proven that she is the eager Go Girl for the Washington war machine. She voted in favour of George W. Bush's foolish attack on the Iraq of Saddam Hussein. As secretary of state she not only fed money and arms to the ISIS in Libya but the same to the same in Syria where she promoted Washington's ambition for regime change. The result: hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women, and men, killed, an economy severely damaged, and millions of refugees pounding on the doors of Europe.

Aside from these crimes against humanity, among others, there are such transgressions as destroying 33,000 emails despite a subpoena ordering her to produce them.

"Goal would be to cauterize this just enough so it plays out over the weekend and dies in the short term." — Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill on Hillary's private server.

Once again, Hillary Clinton's corruption is undeniable.

The most recent email release from Hillary's hacked server highlights a number of disconcerting facts that point to collusion between the Justice Department, the media, and Hillary's presidential campaign.

Hillary's deceptive, manipulative tactics know no bounds. The latest emails prove that:

The Justice Department conspired with Clinton's campaign. The executive agency informed a Clinton spokesman and former Department of Justice employee of the imminent congressional hearings on Hillary's private server.

The Clinton campaign tried to use one scandal to cover up another. Clinton's team attempted to use Benghazi, which resulted in the murder of four Americans, to deflect attention from her illegal private server.

The media's pro-Hillary bias is now indisputable. CNN contributor and then DNC vice-chair, Donna Brazile, shared information on the primary debate questions with Hillary's campaign ahead of the Democratic town hall.

In all three separate controversies, Hillary employed the same strategy — lie, deny, and hide the truth to avoid responsibility for her willful deceptions.

The depths of Hillary's deceit are undeniable, and the most recent batch of emails confirm that Clinton's corruption is infectious — permeating executive agencies that are required to remain impartial.

Women-Talk in private and on the internet: 'Hmmm I'd like to handle his balls.' 'I like my peanut butter spread and my men whipped.'

Donald Trump has been a showboater and has behaved in the letter and spirit of show business where the talk and practice of sex is virtually rampant. It's a lifestyle barely hidden from the innocent public on which they prey.

John Travolta, for but one example, has publicly acknowledged that to get the part that made him a star and subsequently a multimillionaire he had to perform oral sex on he who made the final decision on whether or not Travolta would get the starring role in Saturday Night Fever.

So what? Travolta shrugged in a television interview.

Good grief! That should be enough to make Michelle Obama shake to her roots.

Polls reveal that women are more upset by the sexual conduct of Bill Clinton than the words of Donald Trump.

As Hilary tried to deflect criticism of her policies of death and destruction as secretary of state by placing emphasis on Trump's locker room talk, just before the second debate, Trump brought to public attention Bill Clinton's sexual victims, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey. Before the cameras, they heaped scorn on Bill Clinton and said they would vote for Donald Trump.

Gennifer Flowers had a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Gennifer said she is sure they would still be together if Hillary had not gotten pregnant with Chelsea. Oh yeah, and Hillary is bi-sexual

Flowers became the most well-known mistress of all time in America after her affair with Bill Clinton made headlines. Bill denied having cheated on Hillary for many months, but ultimately was forced to admit to the sexual relationship with Flowers.

It was me, Bill, and Hillary. Then they had Chelsea and the stakes got too high,” Gennifer Flowers also said.

On November 13, 1998, Clinton settled with Paula Jones for $850,000, the entire amount of her claim, but without an apology. Robert S. Bennett, Clinton's attorney, still maintained that Jones's claim was baseless and that Clinton only settled so he could end the lawsuit and move on with his life.

Yeah. Sure.

In April 1999, Judge Wright found Bill Clinton in civil contempt of court for misleading testimony in the Jones case. She ordered Clinton to pay $1,202 to the court and an additional $90,000 to Jones's lawyers for expenses incurred, far less than the $496,000 that the lawyers originally requested.

Wright then referred Clinton's conduct to the Arkansas Bar Association for disciplinary action, and on January 19, 2001, the day before Clinton left the office of president, he entered into an agreement with the Arkansas Bar and Independent Counsel Robert Ray under which Clinton was stripped of his license to practice law in Arkansas for a period of five years. His fine was paid from a fund raised for his legal expenses.

Hillary resorted to intense bullying, including threats, to silence Bill Clinton's victims. When Hillary says all who claim sexual harassment should be believed, many say, "Yeah. So long as they are not victims of her husband."

As the time before the 08 November election shortens we can count on Hillary Clinton dredging the swamps to distract voters from the real issues: Hillary's support for NAFTA that destroyed the economic lives of millions of Americans, her policies that resulted in the death and misery of millions in the Middle East, her continued disobedience of American law, the corruption of the law and lawmakers.

Meanwhile, true to her owners in the military industrial complex, she's mounting unwarranted hostility toward Russia and plans to circle China with missiles.

Hillary Clinton is seriously mentally deranged and is a threat to the good and welfare not only of the United States but of the whole world.

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