Hillary's porn star

Queen of Smut Hillary Clinton responds to Trump's

statesmanship with porn star claiming Trump kissed her

While shameless MSM giggles, ignores Trump's 100-day plan

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By Carl Dow  
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective
True North Humanist Perspective

Sunday 23 October 2016 — Hillary Clinton, Queen of Smut, carpet bombing, and feeding arms to the ISIS, responded to Donald Trump's Gettysburg address Saturday 22 October with a porn star who was hardly able to straight-face the complaint that Donald Trump ten years ago kissed her wihout permission.

It's hard to imagine how much more silly the Clinton cabal can get. It's hard to imagine how great is their contempt for the American voter.

For those not in the know, hugging, kissing, patting bums, and calling each other dear, has been standard practice in New York showbusiness and Hollywood for decades if not generations. Everyone on the scene knows it's just part of the action. So when John Travolta was asked to perform oral sex to get the lead role in Saturday Night Fever he performed and later shrugged it off in a national TV interview as a so-what!

And today we have porn star Jessica Drake with fake tears alleging that Donald Trump sexually harrassed her at a 2006 golf event. She read a statement written by attorney Gloria Alfred in Los Angeles. In case you've missed it, legal eagle Gloria Alfred was a delegate to the Democratic Convention and is part of Hillary's smear team.

Drake's charge? Trump kissed her and two other women in the company of a security guard. She said Trump met her while she was working a booth for her employer porn movie producer Wicked Pictures. Since she was obviously in the business of selling her sex Trump allegedly wanted part of the action and offered ten thousand dollars and use of his private jet for her favors.

That was ten years ago and before then and since then, for only she knows how much money, she has performed sex acts on screen for public consumption. Now she complains that Trump wanted to pay for some of the same.

We wonder how much Drake has been paid to go public with the incredibly silly story of how Trump kissed without her permission. For her own peace of mind she should be sure not to attend any New Year's Eve party where there's always a tsunami of kissing without permission.

According to The Washington Post Trump’s campaign issued a statement calling Drake’s account “totally false and ridiculous” and indicating that Trump “does not know this person, does not remember this person and would have no interest in ever knowing her.”

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