Editor's Notes: Hillary escapes being shamed

Wisdom is a result of a happy marriage between intelligence and experience

Carl Dow, Editor and Publisher, True North Perspective.

True North Perspective
Vol. 12, No. 14 (374)
Special Edition 05
November 2016


Editor's Notes

Hillary Clinton has yet to call FBI director Cromey

a tool of that masterful Russian spy-manager Putin

Trump is the U.S. man of peace and full employment

(Read on to learn why this is not an endorsement)

I use this headline not as an endorsement of Donald Trump but to illustrate how the U.S. war-machine's corporate-owned media practices character assassination in pursuit of its ambition to rule the world. Trump has said, more than once, that he is opposed to the regime change policy of the Washington elite. He says he wants to end the conflict in the Middle East and bring American troops home. He wants to trade with Russia, not to make war. He wants to rewrite the trade agreements that have reduced millions of Americans to poverty (think rust belts) and force corporations to manufacture in the U.S. and thereby restore high-paid jobs. But every time he tries put these issues on the table, Clinton and the shameful media she controls drown him out with smut and too many voters to his left swallow the bilge without question. Sure, Trump was a foul-mouthed bully as a private citizen in the rough-and-ready world of entertainment. But like most with intelligence and imagination, there is more than one man there. A tempered man has emerged with the heat of the election campaign and he has come forward with sensible plans for peace and jobs. Plans that hsve been snowed under by the expert practitioners of character assassination. From now until November 8 all we'll hear from the Clinton gang is what a dirty-rotten rat is Donald Trump and not a word about peace and jobs.

Meanwhile, let's hope that the hard work of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren pays off in electing their 100 progressive candidates. If the leadership of this duo succeeds, congress will be in the control of the sane no matter who wins the presidency. (See below.)
Therefore, while being loyal to the truth no matter who says what, True North Perspective strongly endorses Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Be sure to read the stories about these two heroes in this edition of True North Perspective.

Whenever the going get's tough, Hillary Clinton blames it on the Russians. The massive evidence of Clinton's ruthless dishonesty has been revealed through WikiLeaks. Clinton blames her unmasking on the Russians.

Not to forget the accurate descriptions of Clinton's betrayals by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders during the primaries.

Only the gullible and/or those suffering from short-term memory loss will believe her or will have forgotten that even a cab driver in Hungary was able to penetrate the Washington cyber net. One would think that a country as technologically sophisticated as the U.S. would be able to protect itself from such invasion. If Russia has, and can, so easily hack the inner sanctum of Washington then those in charge should be fired even as they hang their heads in shame. Blaming Russia is a simple-minded excuse.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party would have you believe that Russia is the enemy. To keep the highly profitable arms industry humming the Democratic Party wants to revive the Cold War, where everyone lived in fear that the day might be their last day due to nuclear war. Of course now, we have a better understanding of a nuclear blast, and crawling-under-desk drills will not do a thing to protect ourselves.

While Western governments will not see eye to eye with Russia on everything, it doesn't mean that they can't work together on such a vital issue as defeating the Islamist terrorists. Working together, instead of the American obsession with regime change. Of course, Hillary Clinton will hardly admit to her role in helping to create the ISIS by feeding them arms.

By hiding behind a hypocritical, fetid, murky smokescreen of smut, Hillary Clinton so far has managed to escape having to defend her betrayal of a United Nations mandate for a no-fly-zone over Libya. She engineered the carpet bombing and destruction of an economically viable country. Her gift to the women of Libya has been rape and murder.

Prior to the Hillary Clinton inspired attack on Libya, woman could attend school through university at government cost. On graduation, if academically qualified, they could travel to a country of their choice to further their education entirely at government expense. On return they could count on employment suitable to their talents. On marriage they would receive a $50,000 grant, a place of residence, and a new car.

Once secretary of state Hillary Clinton got through with them and to this day Libyan women were and are afraid to go outdoors alone for fear of being raped and murdered.  Because of Hillary Clinton's violent intervention in Libya the country is a nest of festering extremist groups including the ISIS.

As Go-Girl for the American war machine and as secretary of state she surreptitiously fed arms to so-called rebels in Syria. The same psychopaths who all too recently gleefully waved severed heads and proudly displayed mass graves of children, women, and men. Her arming of these thugs was part of the the American war machine's ambition to replace the legally elected government of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad.

Hillary Clinton cannot be solely blamed for the death of hundreds of thousands and the destruction in Syria and the millions of refugees pounding on the gates of Europe but she was, and is, an enthusiastic leader of the tragedy. Especially during this election campaign she repeatedly targets Russia for whatever comes to mind. Like the silly allegation that Putin and WikiLeaks are in league to influence American elections.

But keeping the heat on Russia means good and better profits for her mentors in the military-industrial complex against which President and General Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans. As a war maker and a nice, high-priced speaking girl for Wall Street Hillary Clinton has become a multi-millionaire. As president the one thing we can surely count on is a lot more of the same — war and misery for millions.

On the other hand Donald Trump has said he wants the United States to end its policy of regime change. He says he wants to do trade with Russia rather than make war. He wants to take the trillions of dollars spent on war and spend them on rebuilding the shabby American infrastructure.

That's what he says. Given that's it's always easy to say what's to be done until you actually get your hands on the tools to do it, what Trump would do as president remains to be seen. That will remain a mystery until we see him in the oval office.

We already know about Hillary Clinton. As president she would furiously beat the drums of war and, so long as it continues to line her pockets, to hell with everybody else.

But with Trump preaching peace and jobs, it would be best for America and the world if he were to win on November 8. If he does no good then a Trump victory would unite Democrats and progressives in a mighty movement in the spirit of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to replace him and those who may also betray the American dream without having to carry the burden of Crooked Hillary.

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