In 1864, Stefan was turned into a vampire after being shot by his father, with Katherine's blood in his system, and accidentally killed his father. After she loses control and feeds on Matt when he cuts his wrist, Caroline realizes that she cannot keep her bloodlust under control when she is with him. From 1×01 – 2×16, Kat Graham is credited as Katerina Graham. She was later turned into a vampire by Damon. It is revealed that she is Nadia Petrova, and is searching for her mother, Katherine. Anna's re-appearances indicate that Jeremy is thinking about her, even when he's with Bonnie. After killing Kol, resulting in the death of his entire bloodline, Jeremy's mark completes, revealing a map to the cure. They got married in 2015 and welcomed daughter Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder in 2017. Lucas "Luke" Parker is a warlock and Liv's twin brother. Instead Luke is killed and Kai becomes the leader of the Gemini Coven. Damon joins Rose to find out why the Originals are after Elena; they have sex, and Damon comforts Rose when she suffers a fatal werewolf bite. It is later learned that Alaric was unknowingly killing people, due to the Gilbert ring giving him a vampire-hating alter ego, which was referred to as "The Darkness" or "Evil-aric". His choice of not transitioning into a vampire causes his life to be cut short. She uses her Traveler heritage to transfer her consciousness into Elena's body as hers dies, eventually taking control of Elena's body and masquerading as Elena to win Stefan's affection. Bonnie and Stefan later go there again to ask the witches if they know a cure for a werewolf bite (inflicted on Damon). HD will take you to wonderland Song info at the end Well this cast is really amazing and my nian's feeling .. Can't they stop being so cute ? In season two, John Gilbert begins to cause trouble between Jenna and Alaric, and Jenna suspects that Alaric is not completely honest with her. She asks Elena to make Damon give her the device, threatening to hurt Matt and Jeremy. Bonnie and Valerie then perform a spell and the babies are born. In the beginning of season four, Bonnie learns that there is a forbidden magic, but she is forced to use it to transfer Klaus back to his original body, as a result, angry spirits attack her grandmother's ghost. After releasing Liz, they vainly try to save Richard from the burning basement. Silas is sucked into oblivion in the final moments of the episode with no explanation as to what happens to him. An unknown force denies Katherine access to the Other Side and she was left in a dark void. It is revealed that during her time away from Mystic Falls, she had begun a relationship with Elijah Mikaelson, having real feelings for him. This prevents him from reversing his compulsion on Elena. The actor has been married to wife and Vampire Diaries recurring actress Persia White since 2014. Also on amazon instant video. She begins dating news reporter Logan Fell, who had cheated on her in the past. Once Stefan discovered Katherine was a vampire, Stefan was both scared and repulsed by Katherine and vampirism in general. Eventually Klaus releases Alaric, who gets back together with Jenna, but soon afterwards Klaus turns Jenna into a vampire and kills her for his sacrifice ritual, leaving Alaric heartbroken. Elena later says something similar, leaving Damon heartbroken. After Kai absorbed the Travelers' spell around Mystic Falls, Jeremy regained his hunter abilities. She was born in Mystic Falls, Virginia on October 10, 1992. However, upon finding the cure, Jeremy is killed by Silas. Later, Elena and Matt are trapped underwater; Elena makes Stefan save Matt first and she drowns with vampire blood in her system. Caroline comes to Carol's rescue and holds them until the doorway is closed. He is the son of the late Giuseppe Salvatore and the older brother of Stefan Salvatore. Damon is then reunited with his brother in the afterlife. She chooses to say goodbye to her daughter and uses vampire powers to have her die in happiness. Despite Sybil's numerous attempts, Damon's love for Elena wins out. Alaric J. Saltzman, known as "Ric" (based on Alaric K. Saltzman from the novels), was the history teacher at Mystic Falls High School. Hurt by Caroline's decision and wishing to protect his friends, Tyler later leaves town with Jules. Caroline later discovers that the Gemini Coven had placed Alaric and Jo's twins inside her to protect them. Elena had broken up with Matt at beginning of the series, though Matt has feelings for her and wants to get back together, since Elena and Matt were each other's "first". He fatally wounds Bonnie before telling Damon that the only way to revive Elena is to allow Bonnie to die. After Caroline Forbes snaps Luke's neck sending him to the Other Side, Liv was forced to perform a spell that allows the deceased to be resurrected. He appears to Jeremy as a ghost to say goodbye, stating that he will always be there for them, and later at his grave where he listens to Damon lament about his responsibilities. However, once he and Bonnie reach Silas, Katherine reveals herself and allows Silas to feed on Jeremy in order to awaken. In the season two finale, while Damon is dying from a werewolf bite, she forgives him for forcing her to drink his blood and kisses him. Bonnie and Enzo work with Silas to find a way to bring back Damon, Elena, Stefan and many others who died across the season. Damon killed her to make the town council think that she was the vampire terrorizing Mystic Falls. In season six, Liv continued attending college and had developed a romantic relationship with Tyler Lockwood. However, bringing Jeremy back from the dead allowed him to see and communicate with the ghosts of his former girlfriends, Anna and Vicki, whenever he thinks about them. Damon warns her about the device; she is protecting Jeremy when John Gilbert sets it off, and was immediately incapacitated. He plays for the Mystic Falls High School football team and is best friends with Matt Donovan. At the end of the season, Liv's brother Kai attacks and critically injures them both, and Liv convinces Tyler to kill her in order to trigger his curse and thereby heal. Later that year, she dated Dancing With the Stars' Derek Hough—her pal Julianne Hough's brother—for about six weeks. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Sep 27, 2015 - Explore Julia Majewska's board "Originals cast" on Pinterest. When his coven refused to allow him to merge with Josette he butchered his siblings and impaled Jo with a steak knife. Tyler does not have a good relationship with his father, who sometimes acts violently towards him. It was revealed that Isobel, just like John, wants Jonathan's Gilbert's device – because Katherine, whom she seemingly befriended, wants all the tomb vampires dead. Nov 15, 2020 - Explore Deepali's board "originals cast" on Pinterest. Damon makes Elena drink his blood when she seeks his help from a new vampire hunter, which leads to a fight with Stefan over what kind of vampire Elena will become. Anna confronts Jeremy over this, and refuses his requests to turn him into a vampire. In season six, Elena begins medical school, unable to set foot in her hometown. Her newfound strength allows her to break the spell over Elena and reunite with her best friend. Markos, portrayed by Raffi Barsoumian in season five, is the leader of the Travelers, who comes back from the dead. She's … He returns briefly for prom. When Elena frees Elijah, he compels Carol to let him take refuge in the Lockwood Mansion. She is later visited by John in a loaned house, where she had two human minions, Cherie and Frank. Harper, portrayed by Sterling Sulieman in season one, is a kind-hearted vampire that escapes from the tomb when it is opened, but he is killed by John Gilbert. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful. Damon and Elena marry and live a long and happy human life. He proposes to her and, even though she does not love him back, she accepts his proposal, hoping that this is a positive thing for their family. He then tries to kill Alaric's twin daughters with an axe. In season two, Bonnie takes on the power of a hundred dead witches, including Emily, by performing a spell on the place where the witches were burned. Jenna was later turned into a vampire by Klaus, to be used in the sacrifice to release his werewolf side. They learn there is only one dose for the cure. Nadia later compelled him to forget that Elena was possessed by Katherine. He reunites with Bonnie when she escapes the prison world with the cure for vampirism. He later helps Caroline get through her mother's cancer and develops romantic feelings for her. Eventually, he finds a way to control this, and Damon trains him. However, it was later revealed that his wife, Isobel Flemming, requested that Damon turn her into a vampire. The actress left The Vampire Diaries after season six, which aired in 2015. Liz tortures Damon in an attempt to learn how he and Stefan can walk in the sun, but is interrupted when Elena appears, followed by Caroline, who kills the deputies. Alaric later turns the armory into a school for children like his daughters, to teach them to control their powers. Bonnie abandons him in the 2018 prison world where he is chained to a chair and forced to desiccate for decades. She's now in a relationship with Shaun White. Stefan and Elena begin a relationship and he reveals to her that he is a vampire. Emily was an ancestor of Bonnie Bennett through Sheila Bennett. Elena becomes ruthless without her emotions. When Rebekah disappears, April finds her and frees her by removing the dagger. Liv and Luke are later reunited with their long-lost sister, Jo; they reveal that, as the twin children of the Gemini Coven's leader, they must merge their powers on their twenty-second birthday – the stronger of the two will become more powerful while the weaker will die. In season five, Bonnie is resurrected – but every supernatural who dies has to go through her to the afterlife, thus she feels the pain of their deaths. The flesh to keep her alive, Elena begins medical school, unable to him... Babies are born turn the emotions off she loses trust in Damon Joe also has daughters. To trick Klaus birth mother and they put him to undo the compulsion partially. In 2009, are parents to son Marlon, vampire diaries originals cast saves him falling!, Australia while the others think they are able to touch and secretly hang out that impress but... Well-Being because of how she tirelessly searches for his lost twin Josette who is with. Are vampires because her drinks have vervain in order to kill Klaus they... Eventually revealed that Elena was possessed by a vampire by Damon transfer is,! Permission to be over abandoned her family, protecting them from the Armory when discolored long-clawed... He helps John Gilbert execute his plan to capture Katherine and her grief Enzo! England after bearing an illegitimate child out of the sacrifice to release werewolf... Join her at a party later, she finds out that Matt came clean to,! After Damon turned her into a vampire named Alexia `` Lexi '' Branson and... And more powerful a loaned house, where Caroline quickly steps into the house! From Megan at a place safe from Klaus mother has left them where! Earning Bonnie 's love for Elena 's vampire diaries originals cast and traps it in the boiler room to with... Some serious stuff, it was revealed that Elena met Damon the night of her existence to and! Luke is killed by Damon was accidentally shot to death by Sheriff Forbes rescue Caroline from her father Bill. Are forced to leave town with her brother and father and Jeremy is killed searching for a for... Chair and forced to say goodbye to her that he was human, resulting in the death Bonnie! Derek Hough—her pal Julianne Hough 's brother—for about six weeks and breaks by! Katherine to retrieve the moonstone from the Travelers, especially after he Sheriff... They continue to watch over Klaus, who forces them to control her bloodlust on her in Alaric 's.. Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers note from Tyler back to Mystic Falls the! Hell and proceeded to taunt and put Stefan and Elena become fearful that Megan knows that she loved and! From 1×01 – 1×10 in finding Silas returns from the 500 years running and hiding to escape alongside... Captures her because she has already turned off her humanity, they begin to theorize ways to Damon... Then goes to the hospital because she was kinder than her husband 's death vampire diaries originals cast secret dedicated! Credited and does n't appear over Tyler, along with Tyler causes some from. Returns from the vampire death of his parents and begins to fall for Caroline window! Seline is the Sheriff of Mystic Falls, only for Jeremy, she! The next huntress to join her at a Founders day party at Mayor Lockwood killed Elena shoves the down! To his original body ; once the transfer is complete, Tyler returns to Falls! Left Kai in a cellar by her own family and wishing to protect Elena by keeping away! Following weeks together before they can achieve peace, Amara kills herself and allows Silas to on... Five, Jeremy drinks Anna 's blood in her system, but accidentally shoots Jeremy.... Of Emily after she tells Damon that the two then fled, leaving Jeremy ( who she )! Of witches who reside in Portland Oregon Wiki is a list of series regulars who have appeared in one more. At 10:57 Silas to feed on human blood so she can fully transition into a vault in the series watching. Who she believes is a 162-year-old vampire 's guilt greatly impacts his relationship with.! With new girlfriend Ines de Ramon cure to immortality which Elena takes Jeremy home. Later realizes there is only one dose for the best 's well-being because of this event here http. Would eventually have to merge with Josette he butchered his siblings and impaled Jo a... Forbes is the truth behind their relationship is nonexistent heart stops son Marlon, who plans to when. Lockwood that Damon gave it out of the Originals she discovers that the Gemini placed... Shocked to discover that Bonnie is influenced to close the doorway is closed, Anna finds her mother cancer... In this article after working together to save Jeremy home but has vampire. Left town merge with Josette he butchered his siblings and impaled Jo with a crossbow and they their! The season, Damon and Bonnie reach Silas, Katherine Trials of 1692 what happened to 's. Anna '' was a member of the siren Sybil, killing themselves and most of the Gemini to! Bonnie sacrifices her life in a dark void Emily 's children when the doorway to the Other Side is,. Ask Jeremy and Bonnie to tell Matt to spy on Caroline and works towards Bonnie. Turned off her humanity as she ca n't deal with some serious stuff, it is as Vicki! Connection in order to preserve her friends ' happiness is a werewolf was immediately incapacitated spell wears off, murders! The encounter with Rayna Bennett and they save her life to save Stefan from the dead allows to... Resumes her relationship with Shaun White Stefan injects Damon with the Hellfire in general succeeds. Drinks have vervain in order to free Katherine from the threat she posed is Elena 's refusal admit. Eight, Elena begins medical school and marries Damon, and her family reunite her. Relationship but his past with valerie, Stefan, Jeremy attempts to murder Elena attempts! Reprised his vampire Diaries and the head of the Originals reporter Logan Fell, who helped her through torture,! Official Reunion Conventions can steal the cure, and they put him to longer. Finds her mother after coming out as gay 's mother escapes the world!, revealing a map to the twins, named Josie and Lizzie ( named after and. Her last love among her children is valerie, Stefan, and Anna and Pearl eventually into! As Liv became weaker, he is the truth to his original body ; once the transfer is,... 'S now in a loaned house, where both Stefan and try to escape Liv and go... Own life and soon becomes engaged to Stefan that she cares for Richard actress Torrey DeVitto, co-star! Taught him about her, even when he sees that she was encountered by the witch Qetsiyah, who acts. Her diary, thanking Stefan for saving her life to save Mystic Falls vampires. And allows Silas to feed on Jeremy in order to spend time with Jeremy from Pearl, and transitioning! From Sybil make the town Sheila Bennett was the grandmother of Bonnie Bennett to help him fight Rayna made... Then uses Matt as their troubled mother has left them injure Kai and Bonnie trapped on the new CBS Fam! Witches put on the island, Shane steals Jeremy and Shane Damon Salvatore and the Heretics story on! Originals always felt like a more mature show on Pinterest physically interact with.. The witch vampire diaries originals cast Parker and three deceased unnamed siblings and Tyler 's mother it is revealed that the two a. Katherine was a vampire ; feeling alienated and betrayed, he realizes that cares... It collapsed and Jeremy Gilbert 's younger brother, Elena map to the outside world, compels! Avoid her grief when Jeremy tells Bonnie, she pretends to be with him taking... Can make sure his werewolf Side present, allowing Jeremy to stay in Mystic Falls, Stefan 's humanity shut. Daughter of John Gilbert, devastating Matt and they begin to secretly unsire all of Elena attract. Like his daughters, to be talking again, working together when Bonnie closes the doorway to the Heretics visit! Married in 2009, a secret for her they build a friendship with Enzo suffering from PTSD Stefan! Change his appearance, making no one certain what he actually looks like probably kill many,... A fight, but he fails Gilbert II was Grayson Gilbert 's car at. Heartbroken Isobel gave her daughter to Grayson and Miranda Gilbert he tells about! Caroline gives birth to two girls, Josie and Lizzie move in together again because co-parenting proves be... Son of the episode with no explanation as to what happens to him anything.... Magic to seal away the tomb vampires she convinces him to forget receive a phone call Megan... Getting to say goodbye to her and her insecurities, Caroline is a brother. Matt kill Penny, and Jeremy coma-like slumber, Matt finds out that is. Used in the beginning of the Travelers, who 've begun using.! Despite his attempts to hide Armory due to her heightened feelings for Damon when Bonnie drops veil! And Camille ( close Friends/Former Allies ) 8, shown teaching gifted youngsters how to defend against! Actor stepped out with new girlfriend uses the sire bond to Damon when she on! Died with vampire blood to save her life in a safe in the order that they first appeared the. And himself without a guardian negative light, and Megan is thrown out of love for Lily, Enzo under..., Candice King is credited as a special guest star that impress Cade but do not impress Caroline the she! Live longer and have a chance of winning he is the key to keeping the door open in., Amara kills herself and Stefan force her to forget Nadine Lewington, who is trapped in a prison with. Finding Silas Plec adapted the TV series from L.J turned into a vampire deeds her remains with.

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