Carl Hall

Carl Hall, at the young age of 24, was True North Perspective's youngest contributor. His main areas of expertise included, but were and are not limited to, science, technology, and business.

"Wow . . ! I'm getting old! Turned 27 last month,"says Carl Hall.

"Heck 29 is just around the corner now! I'm getting old."

As True North Perspective's webmaster and circulation manager, Carl Hall plays a vital role in ensuring that each issue of True North Perspective is released and delivered to your inbox.

As with every other member of True North Perspective, Carl Hall dedicates countless volunteer hours each week to True North Perspective. Aside from his work on True North Perspective, he can be found working a fulfilling job he enjoys as a Guest Service Attendant in Nisku Alberta.

Carl Hall is here to help with any technologically-based issue. You can submit your question to him via his personal email address,, and he will be more than happy to assist you in solving your problem, whether it be as simple as "clicking a button", or as complicated as troubleshooting an advanced server configuration.