Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair

A passion for life and for writing in English and French
Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair at the
Canadian Authors' Festival in 2009

Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair is passionate about life, the people she encounters and their relationships. Now retired after thirty-two years of teaching in Ottawa, her eclectic range of interests varies from writing, painting and photography, to psychology, spirituality, esoterism and the paranormal to horticulture and birdwatching. Women’s issues and mental health have always been of great interest also as she has spoken to women’s groups since 1990, the year Le jardin négligé was published. A member of Ottawa Independent Writers, Arts Ottawa East and l’AAOF, she proudly offered the English version, The Neglected Garden in 2005. A study in relationships, some abusive, some destructive, “The Neglected Garden” is also a story of courage, self-discovery, acceptance and forgiveness.
In 2007, Alberte published yet another novel, Une prière pour Hélène in which courage and love prevail in the end. This novel addresses women’s bond of friendship and sensitive issues such as the fragmentation of family, the challenge of raising children as a single parent, emotional and physical violence against women.
Since 2009, she writes articles for True North Perspective. These articles are appreciated for their honest opinion, inspirational value and diversity. Her writing has given her the opportunity to appear on several TV and radio shows and participate in many book fairs and festivals. A few articles are also featured in the Canaan Connexion of Clarence-Rockland and Perspectives Vanier. She writes a literary column in the ARTS NEWS of AOE.
Her first children’s book, written by six young writers during one of her writing workshops is now available. Le génie de Jessie is meant to increase awareness of the devastating effects of bullying.
An anthology is in the making and like her other novels, the cover will feature one of her paintings or photograph.
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