True North Salutes International Women's Day 2016

In celebration of women who fight to win

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By Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective/True North Humanist Perspective

At True North Perspective/True North Humanist Perspective every day is Women's Day. Therefore, it makes me feel a little uneasy, if not embarrassed, to offer special, favourable acknowledgement of the complementary sex on Tuesday 8 March because it should go without saying. However, considering a world-wide context wherein so many women are brutally treated simply because they are women prompts me to put aside my personal reluctance and bow to custom.

But herein we don't offer stories about women as victims. Our emphasis is on women who fight and win.

With this issue we offer two annual standbys as object lessons that provide an answer to Sigmund Freud's despairing announcement that he had failed to understand women.

First, a report on when, in 1912, 22,000 textile workers (the overwhelming majority of them women and girls from the age of 14) went on strike despite the bayonets of the Massachusetts militia, protesting a pay cut. Just prior to the strike, the average pay for textile workers was 16 cents an hour for a 56-hour workweek.

Their call, that went well over the head of Sigmund Freud, was loud and clear: give us bread but give us roses.

The other story that is one of our regular Women's Day features is about The teenage girls who hammered Hitler from Stalingrad on the Volga to Berlin.

I take particular delight in this story because it represents a signal triumph over racism and misogyny. Racism and misogyny because the Nazis considered Slavs as subhuman and women as whores and breeders of the master race.

Then to bring us up to date we offer a video of Kurdish women in victorious combat today against the ISIS. The ISIS have video brags about captured women being sold as slaves to their joyful members. Just for fun they will take Kurdish women and tie them by the hair to the backs of their pick up trucks and drag the helpless, screaming women behind. Nice guys.

In the video that we present, we see Kurdish women volunteers (as young as 16) enter a training camp. Some of them don't know their left from their right. But they learn. Several times during training they liberated villages from ISIS control. The video may prove long for some of you but I urge you to watch at least the first ten minutes and the last ten minutes.

The courage and determination of this group of young women is inspiring. We understand why the ISIS fear to meet them in combat. The video below includes a number of stories about honesty and courage and hope that display some of the reasons why we love and respect women.

What do women want!?!

Freud couldn't figure it out even though the call

was loud and clear: Give us bread; but give us roses!

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The teenage girls who hammered Hitler

from Stalingrad on the Volga to Berlin

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When Hillary Clinton killed Feminism
By Maureen Dowd
The New York Times

13 February 2016

WASHINGTON — The Clinton campaign is shellshocked over the wholesale rejection of Hillary by young women, younger versions of herself who do not relate to her.

Hillary’s coronation was predicated on a conviction that has just gone up in smoke. The Clintons felt that Barack Obama had presumptuously snatched what was rightfully hers in 2008, gliding past her with his pretty words to make history before she could.

So this time, the Clintons assumed, the women who had deserted Hillary for Barack, in Congress and in the country, owed her. Democrats would want to knock down that second barrier.

Hillary believed that there was an implicit understanding with the sisters of the world that now was the time to come back home and vote for a woman. (The Clintons seem to have conveniently forgotten how outraged they were by identity politics when black leaders deserted them in 2008 to support Obama.)

This attitude intensified the unappetizing solipsistic subtext of her campaign, which is “What is Hillary owed?” It turned out that female voters seem to be looking at Hillary as a candidate rather than as a historical imperative. And she’s coming up drastically short on trustworthiness.

As Olivia Sauer, an 18-year-old college freshman who caucused for Bernie Sanders in Ames, Iowa, told a Times reporter: “It seems like he is at the point in his life when he is really saying what he is thinking. With Hillary, sometimes you get this feeling that all of her sentences are owned by someone.”

Hillary started, both last time and this, from a place of entitlement, as though if she reads her résumé long enough people will surrender. And now she’s even angrier that she has been shown up by someone she considers even less qualified than Obama was when he usurped her place.

Bernie has a clear, concise “we” message, even if it’s pie-in-the-sky: The game is rigged and we have to take the country back from the privileged few and make it work for everyone. Hillary has an “I” message: I have been abused and misunderstood and it’s my turn.

It’s a victim mind-set that is exhausting, especially because the Clintons’ messes are of their own making.

On the trail in New Hampshire, Madeleine Albright made the case that it was a betrayal of feminist ideals to support Bernie against Hillary, noting that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” When Sanders handily won the women’s vote on Tuesday, David Axelrod noted dryly that they were going to need to clear out a lot of space in hell. (More)

Washington insider, former Reagan advisor 

reveals Clintons truly behave like Mafia thugs

Clintons, George W. Bush raise $128 million for Haiti victims

Only $10 million went to the suffering, they pocketed the rest

A disfunctional family, including Chelsea, it's common

for Hillary to beat, scratch, kick, and yell curses at Bill

The American presidential contest is heating up, but the new book about Democratic co-frontrunner Hillary Clinton may have some wide consequences. It alleges that the Clinton family has been involved in abuse, rape and fraud, not having any qualms with using the privileged position and money to shut the mouths of victims. What's the basis of these claims? Can it change the flow of the election campaign? We speak to the author of the book, a former advisor to Nixon and Reagan. Roger Stone is on Sophie&Co today.

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Sophie Shevardnadze: Roger Stone, political strategist, former advisor to presidents Nixon, Reagan, to candidate Donald Trump.. Now, you've just pen a book, called "Clinton's war on women", where you alleged that a lot of, frankly, sensational things about the personal lives of Bill and HIllary Clinton. For instance, you claim that Clintons systematically abused women, sexually and physically. Do you mean to say they rape and beat them? I mean, is that what you're saying?

Roger Stone: Well, Hillary Clinton's running for president of the U.S., claiming to be an advocate for women and that's true - unless you're one of those women unlucky enough to have been sexually assaulted by her husband. Eileen Wellstone, Juanita Broaddrick, Carolyn Moffet, Liz Ward, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Polly Jones, Cathy Ferguson, Christy Zercher, Kathy Willey - I could go on, because they are in the hundreds. These women have been sexually assaulted by Bill and then it is Hillary Clinton, as I establish in my book, who hires the heavy-handed private detectives to then threaten those women, to intimidate them into silence, so they don't get in the way of the Clinton's rise to power and wealth.

SS: Okay, so, mr. Stone, I guess the important question here is where do you get this information from?

RS: From the women themselves. They've all been interviewed, extensively. Unfortunately here, in the mainstream media in the U.S., through most of the 90s you had a very substantial media blackout, but Juanita Broaddrick, for example, spoke about her horrific rape at the hands of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton not only raped her but he bit her upper lip, almost bit it through as a bid to be silenced. She said this on NBC in an interview with Lisa Myers. She said it with Sean Hannity on Fox News network. Unfortunately, many in the mainstream media, in the thrall of the Clintons, didn't cover it. But, it happened, and no one has been able to disprove it. One of the great canards that comes from the Clinton's supporters is that they say: "Oh, that's all been discredited and has been disproved" - actually, none of it has been discredited, none of it has been disproved. We also reveal in the book that Hillary has been physically abusive of her husband.

SS: Hold on, hold on, before we get to that point, I want to ask you, because, you know, these are very serious allegations, okay? So, why are we only hearing about them now, and, honestly, where is the guarantee that, you know, these women telling these stories, they are true? How can you trust them?

RS: It's kinda like Bill Cosby: if there were one or two women, you might guess. I interviewed 27 women who tell an identical story. These women have not even spoke to each other in many cases. Here, in the U.S., when you publish a book like this, you can be sued. My lawyers, for the publisher, have gone through every word, my book is carefully documented with footnotes and sources. I stand behind my book and let the book speak for itself. Last week, Hillary Clinton put out a video designed for college rape victims and she said, and I quote: "You deserve to be believed". Why are those women different from these women who have been sexually assaulted by her husband? Why are we just hearing about it now? Because the mainstream media in this country has blocked this information. It's a very sad thing, but it's true. These women are available, they talk to other reporters, all these things have been reported elsewhere, but they don't get picked up by CBS.

SS: How come they didn't block Monica Lewinsky but they block all these other women from telling their story?

RS: Because Monica Lewinsky's relationship with Bill Clinton was a consensual relationship. My book is not about consensual sex. I am libertine, I understand consensual sex between adults...

SS: No, no, hold on, that's not the point of my question. The point of my question is, if a woman wants to talk about having sex with a President, whether it's rape or consensual, media definitely grabs that story and then you have a President who is almost impeached, so why wouldn't they talk about these other 27 women that you allege were abused by Bill Clinton? Click (More) for story and video









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