January 2017 - Special #1


Mainstream media, U.S. congress, in hysterical Russia

panic when wrong button causes 10-minute RT broadcast

Friday 13 January 2017 — RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan criticized the mainstream media for an “hysterical” reaction to a broadcasting error on Thursday, when the RT transmission suddenly cut into a live feed of C-SPAN, the American public service network.

C-SPAN said that the incident was the result of an “internal routing error,” but not before dozens of media outlets reported that the channel may have been “hacked,” and made links to recent mentions of RT in the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) report on Russia’s influence in the past U.S. presidential election. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who was addressing the House of Representatives when the 10-minute interruption occurred also called the incident “odd” and “strange.”

“I am starting to believe that Russian hackers have infiltrated the heads of the US establishment,” Simonyan told RIA news agency. “C-SPAN itself has already said the feed interruption was an internal malfunction, but mainstream media is still going into hysterics saying we hacked them. Our newsroom ran out of popcorn watching this unfold.” (More)


Two global corporate rivals are in deadly contest

for control over foreign policy of U.S. presidency

By Professor Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research

04 January 2017 Global capitalism is by no means monolithic. What is at stake are fundamental rivalries within the U.S. establishment marked by the clash between competing corporate factions, each of which is intent upon exerting control over the incoming U.S. presidency. In this regard, Trump is not entirely in the pocket of the lobby groups. As a member of the establishment, he has his own corporate sponsors and fund raisers. His stated foreign policy agenda including his commitment to revise Washington’s relationship with Moscow does not fully conform with the interests of the defence contractors, which supported Clinton’s candidacy. (More)


The masters of character assassination

are in high gear to demonize Donald Trump

U.S. foreign policy and the campaign to destabilize the Trump presidency

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research

04 January 2017 Obama has formally accused Moscow of interfering in the U.S. elections on behalf of Donald Trump. These are serious allegations. Whereas the sanctions are  directed against Russia, the ultimate intent is to undermine the legitimacy of president-elect Donald Trump and his foreign policy stance in relation to Moscow. (More)

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Trump saves thousands of jobs in U.S. auto industry (More)

Happy 2017 !

In the long run 2016 will prove that it was a good year

and 2017 will surely be bright with promise and fulfillment

True North Perspective
Vol. 13, No. 1 (376)
Special Edition 01
January 2017

Editor's Notes

Image: True North Perspective Editor and Publisher Carl Dow. Photo by the Phantom Phographer.Underfunded and overworked we land on your screen late in this holiday season with a skeleton edition. Many of the stories we consider urgent are offered in headline form only. Some few have links. We'll be back in full-force with our 01 March 2017 edition.

For now let me point to the shameless behviour of the Washington elite as they try to blame Russia for the defeat of the Clinton gang on 08 November 2016. Rule No. 1 in bureaucrat-land is never accept responsibility for anything, find someone to blame. It is dismaying that the pathetic former leaders of the most powerful, most technologically advanced country in the world were not able to defend themselves from successful cyber attacks even from a Rumanian cab driver, never mind Russia.

To blame Russia for its failures is the final black joke in a tragicomedy that has resulted in the death and other miseries of millions at the hands of the spoiled brats who seized control of Washington under the studied guidance of the military/industrial complex, against which latter General and President Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans in his final address.

The evidence mounts, as True North Perspective foresaw, that Donald Trump will break the hold of the war machine on Washington. Donald Trump's wealth is not directly connected to that of those who have plundered the U.S. and a large section of the world for decades. The threat of peace must be causing a lot of sleepless nights on Wall Street and at the Pentagon.

The benefit of peace can go a long way toward solving the American deepening economic crisis. A few billion spent on infrastructure will put millions back to work, money back in the pockets of the working class, cash in the registers of local business, and renew confidence in the American dream.

Without the threat and fact of constant war, Americans, and the rest of the world, will be free to pay serious attention to, and take profound action on, creating a new and better world.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward.

Carl Dow

Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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Danger! Trump threatens U.S. war machine with peace

While McCain babbles: 'Putin is a thug and a murderer'

Professional Vietnam War Prisoner and U.S. senator John McCain babbled falsely that Russian President Vladimir Putin "is a thug and a murderer" in leading his country and that of Syria to the defeat of ISIS in Aleppo. Meanwhile almost 100,000 citizens escaped to safety along Russian secured corridors. And on Christmas Eve 2016, 100,000 took to the streets of liberated Aleppo in joyful celebration.

Bernie Sanders says Americans must join together

to take on the ugly parts of Donald Trump's agenda

See video of Sanders with Sarah Silverman

that will open your hearts to optimism (Here)


U.S. President-elect Donald Trump blasts

defense contracting titans for overpriced weapons

By Rowan Scarborough 
The Washington Times

Tuesday 03 January 2017 Military reformers in the nation’s capital may have found a soul mate in a billionaire real estate magnate who takes a keen interest in what things cost, including big weapons systems.

The reformers — an alliance of watchdog activists, technocrats and former government auditors — have long bemoaned the delays and cost overruns that plague the Pentagon’s procurement of ships, guns and planes.

Now, President-elect Donald Trump seems to have joined them. He has taken to Twitter to blast the titans of defense contracting for what he sees as overpriced weapons, suggesting a procurement overhaul may be a top priority to Defense Secretary-nominee James N. Mattis. (More)


The new Silk Road travels on steel rails

from east China to the heart of London

The new weekly service is quicker than sea transport and half the price of air freight

04 January 2017 China has launched the first direct freight rail service to London on a journey which crosses seven countries before arriving in the UK.

The ‘East Wind Train’ departed from the manufacturing hub of Yiwu in eastern China, and is carrying £4 million ($4.9 million) worth of socks, cloth, bags, and household goods.

It is expected to take 18 days to reach its final destination of Barking, East London, having travelled more than 7,500 miles across land and through the Channel Tunnel before arriving in Britain. (More)

‘Britain lied on Syria making situation worse,’

says Peter Ford, UK's ex-ambassador to Syria

Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett challenges

authenticity of main stream reporting on Syria

Eva Bartlett several times has visited the front lines in Syria and witnessed the results of the 'moderate beheaders.'

Bartlett recently accused corporate media of a biased agenda in Syria, labeling a large chunk of its sources as either “not credible” or “compromised.” In particular she took aim at the organization of White Helmets, saying they “recycled” pictures of one and the same girl on several occasions. According to Bartlett, the mainstream media effectively reported information which was “opposite” to what actually happened on the ground.

Bartlett said she herself had spoken to doctors in Aleppo and civilians who fled the militant-held areas, who testified that people “were prevented” by terrorists, also known as 'moderate beheaders', from actually escaping Aleppo.

She said fake news perpetrators on the ground provide a false representation of what is actually happening and feeding the regime-change agenda of the main-stream media.

“But then they told us that the opposition was dominated by these so-called moderates. That proved not to be the case and now they’re telling us another big lie — that Assad can’t control the rest of the country. Well I’ve got news for them — he’s well on the way to doing so.”

Comment from political right

The real saboteurs of a Trump foreign policy

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book "The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority." To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators website at www.creators.com.

Tuesday 20 December 2016 WASHINGTON D.C — If Russia did intrude in our election, was it payback for our intrusions to bring about regime change in its neighborhood?

What role did the CIA, the NED and John McCain play in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014? McCain was seen cheering on the crowds in Independence Square in Kiev. (Washington has admitted to spending more than $5 billion in Ukraine to buy regime change. — Editor.)

Trump has promised a more hopeful foreign policy than that of the Republicans he denounced and is succeeding. No more wars where vital interests are not imperiled. No more U.S. troops arriving as first responders for freeloading allies.

The real saboteurs of his new foreign policy may not be inside the Ring Road in Moscow; rather, they may be inside the Beltway around D.C.

The real danger may be that a new Trump foreign policy could be hijacked or scuttled by anti-Trump Republicans, not only on Capitol Hill but inside the executive branch itself. (More)

Nigel Farage commends Putin’s

‘mature’ response to U.S. diplomatic expulsions

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for his decision not to expel American diplomats in response to a similar move by the U.S.

The MEP and prominent Brexit campaigner commended Putin on Twitter, describing the move as “mature.”

Farage, who has cultivated a close relationship with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump since the U.S. election, went on to say the new administration “can’t come soon enough.”

On Friday, Putin rejected calls by the Russian Foreign Ministry to expel 35 American diplomats in response to a similar move by the US.

Putin said Obama’s act was designed to provoke a reaction, but Russia would not take the bait.

U,S. President Barack Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats on Thursday, giving them 72 hours to leave US soil. (More)

'Russian election hacking is fake-news propaganda'

designed to undermine Trump's election victory

says former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon

Annie Machon is a former intel­li­gence officer for MI5, the UK Secur­ity Ser­vice, who resigned in the late 1990s to blow the whistle on the spies’ incom­pet­ence and crimes with her ex-partner, David Shayler. Draw­ing on her var­ied exper­i­ences, she is now a pub­lic speaker, writer, media pun­dit, inter­na­tional tour and event organ­iser, polit­ical cam­paigner, and PR con­sult­ant. She has a rare per­spect­ive on the inner work­ings of gov­ern­ments, intel­li­gence agen­cies, and the media, as well as the wider implic­a­tions for the need for increased open­ness and account­ab­il­ity in both pub­lic and private sectors.

30 December 2016 A joint FBI and DHS report on Russia’s alleged hacking of the US presidential election provides no evidence and is a case of fake news and propaganda aimed at undermining the legitimacy of Trump’s win, says former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon.

The Obama administration on Thursday 29 December imposed a set of unprecedented measures against Russia over its alleged attempts to influence the US presidential campaign this year. The new sanctions were unveiled after the release of the report by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

However, the document significantly lacks specifics. It doesn't explain how the two hacking groups described are linked to the Russian government. (More)

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Something about this Russia story stinks

By Matt Taibbi
Rolling Stone

31 December 2016 — "We ought to have learned from the Judith Miller episode. Not only do governments lie, they won't hesitate to burn news agencies. In a desperate moment, they'll use any sucker they can find to get a point across." (Click here to read)

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