Tarachansky - There's no work here

A Jew reports from Israel and Palestine

Lia Tarachansky is an accomplieshed journalist and videologist. Lia Tarachansky is also a supreme writer of poetry and prose. Here is one of her powerful poems.

There's no work here

Thank you

A friend thanked me for the work I do
He said thank you.

I wore my heels and went for dinner

There are people here
People behind the scenes working real work
They pick up bits and drag limbs from rubble
They stay up all night nervously staring at their screens
So many people here
Hitting the refresh button with their tired eyes sagging

I gave my cat his medicine

There are people here
they don't get thank yous
They return home at night drenched in sweat and horrors
that will never ease. Not ever. Not a thousand generations
from this.

I drank wine with friends and talked about the situation

There are people here who sit on disconnected phone calls
In the darkness of night which is never really dark
People listening to their hearts speed
as they whisper again and again "hello?"

Then I walked home by the quiet sea.

Please don't thank me
There is no work here. This is no work. Here, there is nothing.
Something to keep the fingers busy
so the brain doesn't wander off. So the brain doesn't wander

I wondered how long before I find love again.

Today there was a person
He put the remains of his son in a plastic bag
from a supermarket. Then fasted for Ramadan.

I remembered to call my mother.

There is no work here
A thousand faces look the other way
There are people here
they lose the ability to distinguish
time from sirens from car alarms
from bursting clouds of dust and rubble
While careless ignant people yell empty threats at the TV

I watched a movie.

Empty, ignant people yell all day
empty threats on the TV but I can't peel my eyes off
I keep my fingers busy
Please don't thank me. There is no work here
to keep the fingers busy
so the mind doesn't wander off.

I went to sleep.

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