Editor's Notes January 2016

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Carl Dow, Editor and Publisher, True North Perspective
True North Perspective
Vol. 11, No. 02 (362)
January 2016

Editor's Notes

On defeat of Harper, Canada breathed a sigh of relief

Trudeau's housekeeping brings cheers despite stumbles

And a word on the despicable hypocrisy of Barack Obama

Image: True North Perspective Editor and Publisher Carl Dow. Photo by the Phantom Phographer.

As we went to "press" (Tuesday 5 January 2016) U.S. president Barack Obama was making his cynical, hypocritcal, despicable televised delivery on gun control. He did not deal with the fact that America has long since had a gun culture. A gun culture that has not only been thoroughly nurtured by Hollywood but by Washington in collusion with the military-industrial complex.

Never mind that war criminal George W. Bush, under Obama's watch alone, Washington has launched its own illegal wars, Libya and the current conflict in Syria being but two examples. The U.S. has a decades-long history of such crimes. Shoot first and ask questions later is a proud mantra buried deep in the subconscious of those Americans who are weak on critical analysis.

Sure, prevent the clinically insane from freely buying guns, but there is no mention of preventing gun manufacturers from freely selling such as automatic rifles on the open market. Any serious hunter would be ashamed of himself for attacking deer or even grizzly bears with weapons of war.

I doubt there remains a shred of honesty in he who promised hope and change but if there is Obama should lean hard on his masters in the military-industrial complex and stop responding to resistance to so-called American exceptionalism with force of arms.

But it's too late to expect anything from that quarter, and Hillary Rodham Clinton would be no better. She already has proven that she's a pathological liar closely linked to the American war machine.

The only hope for America is Bernie Sanders. Let's hope Sanders can escape being drowned in corporate money and is able to reach American voters with his honest logic.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

Despite the Liberal failure to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by end December 2015, a gender-balanced cabinet, and moves on the environment, among other logical housekeeping promises kept, have put Canadians in a political comfort zone.  The public, still hurting from Harper's closed authoritarian rule, is in a forgiving mood and is not dismayed at the reckless Liberal promise on refugees.

But of signal importance is the fact that Canadian military jets are still flying in combat in concert with the American war in the Middle East. The announcement that the Canadian frigate HMCS Fredericton has been deployed to the Mediterranean does little to encourage promise that Canada is soon to withdraw from the Washington-inspired war madness in that area of the world. True, the Fredericton is returning to the Mediterranean after a half-year break, to replace the HMCS frigate, Winnipeg, so the move can't be called any up-scaling of Canada's war involvement. But to allege that the decision is aimed at promoting security and stability in central and eastern Europe is ludicrous by any stretch of the imagination.

Any increase in Canadian troops on the ground in the Middle East would provide strong suggestion that Trudeau will keep Canada in the pocket of the American military-industrial complex. The cost of pointless war-making will continue to drain money much needed to rebuild Canada's infrastructure.

Two other tests of the serious intent of the Liberal government will be first, how it deals with the letter and spirit of Bill C51, the draconian legislation left over from the paranoid minds of the Harper Conservatives. There are enough laws on the books already to support efficient, thoughtful work of both the RCMP and the CSIS to provide ample national security. We don't need to surrender more of our freedoms.

The second is the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiated in secret by Harper. Canada doesn't need such an arrangement when it already conducts bilateral trade throughout the world. The key problem is that the TPP would cause Canada to be subject to corporate rule that would deny us political independence. The deal calls for a yes or no response. Let's hope that Canada says no.

Before the year is out, we'll know if Canada elected a truly liberal and loyal government or just another Harper conservative government with a human charming face.

Meanwhile, hope springs eternal, so take it easy but take it.

Looking forward.

Carl Dow

Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective
True North Humanist Perspective



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