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True North Perspective
Vol. 5, No. 40 (244)
Friday, September 17, 2010
Shocking financial invasion of Venezuela runs counter
to all we're led to believe about 'us' being the good guys

When I say us I mean the West, the Americans, Australians, the Brits, and us Canadians, to name some. 

As Eva Golinger reveals in one of her Postcards from the Revolution, (please see below) Washington, and agencies it owns and controls, has spent up to $50 million in Venezuela to fix the country's Sunday, September 26 legislative elections. 

Imagine how we would feel if Venezuela or any other country would invade us with money, and set up non-government organizations to manipulate the electorate. 

This, against a background in Venezuela where the media is more than 90 per cent corporate owned and is extremely hostile to President Hugo Chavez. Like who needs help? 

Sadly, what it highlights is the comparison with China. The Chinese are now operating on all continents of the world. But China doesn't strut around like a bullying gunslinger. 

China advances its interests with diplomacy and trade and that trade includes building schools, hospitals, rail and automobile roads, and bridges. This includes huge investments and infrastructure in Afghanistan where America remains the man with the gun. China avoids getting involved in local politics. 

America takes a Fleet out of mothballs to sail around South America, guns pointed landward, and sets up a handful of bomber-fighter bases in Colombia. And spends up to $50 million in Venezuela to demonize its popular president, Hugo Chavez. 

How much more can Americans take before they realize that the warpath they are on is exhausting their economy and their moral standing in the world? 

International observers said the last legislative elections in Venezuela were honest. Aside from the big American bucks, there is every reason to believe that this one will be too. 

When the candidates of the party of Hugo Chavez win the elections it will be time for the Americans to heed that eloquent Spanish admonition, Yanqui Go Home. And I would add, come back with a smile and a symbol of peace. 

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it. 

Looking forward 

Carl Dow

Editor and Publisher

True North Perspective