Editor's Notes Friday 03 February 2012


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True North Perspective
Vol. 7, No. 03 (305)
Friday 3 February 2012
Editor's Notes

True North Perspective holds up mirror that exposes

the hypocrisy of Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama

While Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama each day make greater effort to display themselves as puppets of the military/industrial complex that has seized control at Washington, we at True North Perspective have done our best to hold up a mirror to expose their hypocrisy.
Clinton and Obama, against a background of two more lost wars, one in Iraq and now in Afghanistan, prattle on about democracy and humanitarian bombing. Behind the prattle and the noise of the bombing lies the fact that they are spending billions to undermine and destroy those who would oppose them.
John Barry, national security correspondent for Newsweek magazine since 1985, has revealed that Washington spent more than one billion dollars to finance and manipulate its Libyan franchise. (Please see www.TinyURL.com/SecretWar)
We don't know yet how much has been spent on the evolving fracas in Syria.
True North Perspective has been running a special series of articles on the practice of slavery in the United States today. Even the State Department has admitted that this heinous crime exists, involving men, women and children hardly older than infants.
Mostly women and children are enslaved, sold, bought, and brutally exploited in virtually all of the major cities in the US. They are used for everything from farm work to domestic service and even as sex slaves at truck stops.
The time is long past due for Obama and Clinton to stop pointing their fingers at others and to pay productive attention to the ugly crime that is happening at home.
We'll not encourage "humanitarian bombing" on American cities but, out of shame alone, enough money should be diverted from their lethal war games and empire building to at least provide the conditions where its citizen could walk their streets without fear of being enslaved under the very shadow of the Star Spangled Banner.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward.
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective