A poem for Fidel

A poem for Fidel

by Lisa Makarchuk

Fidel – November 25, 2016

You left Mexico for Cuba on the 25th

entered our lives and we walked

and talked with you for decades

thinking you would always be with us

leading our exuberance

over the literacy campaign

where more than a quarter of the populace

learned to read and write their name

we shared that bunker with you

during the October crisis

and understood your anger  

We went to Angola with you

and helped end apartheid


And despite terror launched

Cuban aircraft downed

a vicious blockade

years of scarcity

years of difficulty

 we followed you

we slapped your wrists

as you learned to be a feminist

we forgave your mistakes

like the ten million tons

we listened to your hours-long speeches

marvelled at your memory

your intellectual capability

you exported doctors

and nurses and others

not weapons and bombs

spearheaded free healthcare

free education for all

Cubanized culture

changing the country

a foreign-controlled dictatorship

became a one-party democracy

restoring Cubans to pride and dignity

changing all of us

gathered in unity


You, so genuinely Cuban

we clasped to our collective breast

and we never let you go

and now we must

but your inspiration continues

formidably, influentially with us

Fidel, Presente

Hasta la victoria,



Copyright © 2016 – Lisa Makarchuk

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